A lot of path are waiting for you
for hiking, snowshoes and crosscontryskiing :
level of difficulties are differents to chose.
being alone, in a groupor or with the family, it a lot of pleasure.

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you have the choice : Le parc des 7 chutes( park of the seven fall : 5 path 37 Km,
Nationnal path, facing the park,2 path of 17 km each
3 path in Z.E.C. Lavigne, the municipal path,
shorter, but with a chance of seeing deers, birds flora ... etc.
enjoy it adding a stop for a pic-nic, observe the sight
with the benefit of the air without pollution.

Also a lot of others paths around
make your choice : fonction of capacity
interest and how long you stay.
we supply map ,can prepare the pic-nic and bring you
back and forth to the path if you come by bus